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With extensive cable manufacturing and assembly capabilities paired with 25 years of experience, SWC supplies cable products to a broad range of industries. Our cables are built to withstand the harshest environments and can be customized to any project specification. These industries are merely a sampling of the industries we proudly serve across North America. We’re confident we can create a specialty solution for your cable needs
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Oil & Gas

We work extensively in the energy industry to provide our clients specialty solutions that are ruggedized to withstand the harshest environments. Using custom manufacturing capabilities, our skilled engineering team can design cables and connectors to solve unique problems on land and marine rigs. Our experience includes projects in chemical refineries, pipelines, offshore rigs, natural gas and more.
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Water adds unique difficulties to cable functionality; utilizing superior materials such as WaterBlock ensures that water does not seep into your systems and cause damage. The quality of SWC products is guaranteed, and we will work with you until a solution is found. Trust that your invaluable technologies and project assets will be protected when using SWC cable products.
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The complexity of the agriculture industry creates unique situational requirements, such as the need for food grade quality cable products. SWC’s manufacturing and assembly uses exclusively superior materials, customized for crop production requirements or other situational needs. We specialize in high pressure, extreme length, and food-safe cable products.
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If your company operates its business in a harsh environment, you know the stakes are high and the costs are steep. Our experience in wind, solar, hydro, bridging, and more have been possible because of our specialty manufacturing and assembly capabilities. Our cable products are ruggedized for extreme durability, specialized for your environmental situation. Trust SWC to engineer solutions that work for your process and business application.
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Custom Solutions

If you are looking for a unique cable solution and have encountered high up-front costs or lengthy lead times, call SWC. We will design, manufacture, assemble and ship your specialty cable solution faster than any competitor. Alternatively, we can modify pre-assembled cables to fit your project or industry challenges. Private label cable products with custom printing options are also available using your businesses logo, name, part number, or product details.

Have unique cabling and connector needs?

Our professionals are ready to design a cable product that directly suits your industry. Contact us to find out how we can support you, without delays.

Our Commitment To Safety

Safety is our top priority when manufacturing and assembling cable for a wide variety of industries. We deal with industries that are in close contact with people, as well as dangerous environments such as high pressure and tension operations. Our specialty materials are designed for durability and safety within the cable structure to protect personnel and the public. Quality and durability are guaranteed in our cable products.

Quality Testing Guaranteed

Cirris testing standards strive to ensure that the wire & internal materials in your cable product are tested on quality to guarantee functionality and accuracy. Whether we are just testing wires, or using the end cable product, have peace of mind that our cable products are tested to the highest quality.
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Cable Products

Explore a sampling of our standard and specialty cable products




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